Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Before & After

dyansky18: anong tawag dun sa chicken

ruthbordz: A very warm but pleasant evening to you my friend. Yes, more than 20 years, such a long time. You didnt change much but we all matured, I guess. anyway its part of life. I am very happy that you have spent most of those years well. I rarely open my email but I am very happy that every time I do, may bago kang email. Keep up the good work my friend! A restful night ahead. Take care always. Warm regards.

amalia morgan: u have not change a bit except for some salt & pepper hair. ingat, amy

vkystto: u really gave me a good laugh this am. bigla nagutom uli ako. had 3 buttered buns 4 breakfast pero nung nakita ko kung paano nilaphang yung mga food wow parang gusto kong pumunta ng manila to eat max chicken he he he. .. ice transformation too, winter spring summer or fall. d2 sa pinas hot hot summer pa rin. receivd also the newspaper yesterday. thanks regards and take care always!!!!

zesh dp: i love the before and after presentation! ahem, ang portraits baket 1992 lang nag-start? asan micro pixs? love yah!

imefcmd: ay naku gino , it was nice seeing your pics during your younger days ( slim body, with longer hair, pero maitim parin). I would like to say that you look better as you mature.. i think those gray hairs makes you morre attractive.

raditangco: Ikaw ba yung nasa picture sa YM mo? Ano yu bagets era? he he he

jonathan: aaaayyyy!!! bakit retro ang mga pics mo??? di kita maimagine nung kapayatan mo para hindi ikaw yun

edmund: Sino yan sa picture mo? Kamukha ng commandant namin sa CAT dati. kahawig-na khawaig mo talaga commandant namin sa pic na yan, pati buhok, ngiti, mukha, at umiinom, hahaha


iryne: bwhahaha!!!

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