Saturday, June 20, 2009

Block Rosary Sapporo

It's been five years now since we started the FATIMA here in Sapporo City, Japan. This letter is to briefly relate how the FATIMA emerged into action.

In 2004, a lay missionary in the person of Ms. Agnes Gatpatan of the Catholic Tokyo International Center visited Sapporo through the kind invitation of Father Jim Mylet of Welcome House.

Ms. Gatpatan gave a talk in different areas of Hokkaido to connect and network help to international residents, non-residents, students, or temporary visitors encountering various problems.

In our private talk during her two-nights stay at my home, Ms. Gatpatan mentioned about how other Filipinos in Tokyo and elsewhere are doing the BLOCK ROSARY of our Lady of Fatima, basically from the Philippine Catholic Christian devotion revering the Mother of Christ. Hearing such wonderful activity, I humbly asked Ms. Gatpatan if it's possible to follow it. She happily agreed and promised to send me a FATIMA which Father Mylet was kind enough to bring from his Tokyo visit few months after our said conversation, henceforth commenced on June 2004.

With the cooperation of some thoughtful and helpful friends, we immediately started the FATIMA on June 2004. This is not an organization or any sort of an NGO/NPO. We are just a handful members who believes in the power of PRAYERS. Moreover, this is one good way to bring back other Catholic faithfuls who can't find a way , time or inspiration to pray due to a different environment and society. Therefore we do the honor bringing GOD's image and atmosphere to someone's home.

This prayer activity also serves the need to pray for our loved ones who has gone to their eternal rest as a sign of our love and respect.

Every person who invited our Lady of Fatima to his/her home gives a voluntary donation of any amount but not compulsory. Then it is handed under the care of Ms. Susan P. Fujita. This becomes the Fatima Fund that will only be used to help any future emergencies that will absolutely need financial assistance, or donate to any fund raisers, victims of natural calamities and sick members who regularly invite Mama Mary.

We also use the fund to celebrate the Feast of Mother Mary, or buy presents for special occassions connected to our Catholic Church events.

Gladly, with the increase of members inviting Mama Mary, I am now creating a new concept on how we could improvise and to reach out to more believers and how we could be of more help to the spiritual needs of everyone.

(Sgd.) Ms. Susan P. Fujita


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