Friday, June 26, 2009

Sapporo: Rules for Garbage Disposal will be Changed

Starting July 2009, rules for garbage disposal will be changed significantly. The changes will be to charge for domestic garbage and to have a separate disposal for paper. There are two separate charges for burnable and non-burnable garbage. Burnable garbage includes dirty papers, kitchen waste, plastic products, leather, cloth and so on. Non-burnable garbage includes kitchen pots, metallic products such as pans, etc. Please separate this garbage into designated waste bags and put them out on designated collection days, at designated collection stations. Please use the waste bags designated by Sapporo City. There are various sizes and prices. The bags are available at supermarkets, convenience stores, and DIY stores. There is still no charge for some garbage such as clean papers, cans, plastic bottles, and plastic wrapping materials.

Sapporo City will provide informational pamphlets about the new garbage rules in three languages: English, Chinese, and Korean. This pamphlet will be available in the Sapporo International Communication Plaza, Ward Offices, and Waste Management Offices, starting early June. You can download the Japanese version pamphlet from this site and also see an informational video (in Japanese) at

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