Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Road Less Traveled

Not an original title but who cares? No one has patented this catchy phrase. I learned two new lessons today.

Firstly, it pays to be street smart. Of course, it is nice to be school smart. But together with being smart on the roads, will crown a person. Admittedly, I got used to the protection offered by the medical and academic communities. Due to my earlier career background, I met people who are mostly MDs or highly-educated people. Meaning, people like me.

Now that I left the shelter of the university, I meet people from many walks of life. And this is another form of education to me. I have to learn how to deal with them because this is the reality that happens everyday. Quite late for that? Maybe, but that is better than not to learn life at all.

Before, I did not know that there are beings whose goal in life is to look for somebody to take advantage of. Their fa├žade is overwhelming that they seem to be angelic when you first meet them. When you get to know them, it can come to the point that these individuals could hardly be called human at all, to say the least. And I was not aware that they did exist. How naive of me.

Secondly, I feel that I partially convinced one of my friends to go public about my book. I had another meeting with one of them. I was asked whether a very influential insider could read the draft so that I could get advice with what to include or not. Really? I retorted by saying that I am making public a part of me and that I am taking full responsibility of the consequences attached to it. Who could better judge with what I want to share about myself?

My memoirs could shake a big entity, I must admit. But the main reason to go public is to protect outsiders who could be in the same situation. My academic titles will mean nothing if I keep my eyes closed with injustice. It does not take a doctorate degree to say that human rights were denied. I believe that the noble mission of protecting the people should prevail even if the Establishment will be stepped upon. I may not look the way I think, but surely, the book has profound meaning.

Finally, my friend agreed with me that justice should come first and concluded that I am a courageous and strong person, however, I am taking the road less traveled. I could not disagree.

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