Monday, August 10, 2009

Thinking Out of the Box

One of the biggest news in Japan nowadays are drug-related. Most countries, like the Philippines, ban the use of such illegal substances. Admittedly, most recreational drugs are unstoppable.

I am inclined to think that instead of chasing drug lords, pushers and users, why not simply control their use and making illegal drugs legal? People tend to pursue that which is elusive. Homo sapiens want challenge. There is no excitement if there were none of it.

Take a child as an example. A child will attempt anything if forbidden. But try to be more permissive, they will momentarily be curious and will leave it the moment they find nothing spectacular about what elders forbid.

The Dutch were pretty successful in controlling the use of banned substances. They have much lower drug-related crimes and deaths than neighboring countries, and I am certain than my home country.

Another advantage of legalizing these drugs is the revenue that will be generated from it. The State need not worry about capital punishment too. Human rights advocates will be silenced for a while.

If governments can put health warning in cigarette packs, they can do the same with recreational drugs.

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