Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thinking Out of the Box 12

Philippine Political Circus: Bloom or Gloom?

Filipinos are on for a wild ride. Comedians may take a vacation for the time being until the election is over. The country is being entertained by our Old Stone Age politicos. Accusations, counter-accusations, and character assasination are being thrown everywhere. What makes it even funnier is that those who blow the horn also have dubious reputation. It looks like we have just seen the beginning. And the same pattern has happened repetitively in the past. Soon, we shall see political party-regodon and cutillon. Close to May, we fear election-related violence and fatalities. Can we expect a new and brighter future?

But don't loose heart. There is hope. Otherwise, we better abandon the country altogether. If we cannot expect change with our honorable public officials, maybe we can teach them how to do it. How's that?

First, let us examine ourselves carefully. Be honest about what we want to change and what we hope to achieve. If we become clear on what purpose we want for our motherland, then we take action.

Second, we demand all political candidates to subject themselves to political debate that will tackle on the most pressing problems of the country rather enjoying privilege speeches and hiding from the blanket of immunity. They should convince the voters that they deserve our nod by showing clear and respectable plans for national and economic reforms.

Third, we do not vote those who will not meet the above criteria.

We need New Age Statesmen with vision and concrete plans. Leaders should not cloud pathways to progress. The political system and election atmosphere is so intricate that we only need to look at the mirror to begin change. Otherwise, we will always deserve the politicians that we have.

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  1. Hi gino, yes you are right, its political circus and what is sad is they are doing this, accusations and counter accusations right in the senate floor.I agree with idea to subject our candidate to a political debate, to tackle pressing prblems the country is facing. Ate Merl