Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thinking Out of the Box 16

Wowowie Philippines

It's becoming more interesting as days go by and we get closer to the May polls. With much enthusiasm, the country is waiting which high government position, comedian-TV host-cum celebrity, Mr. Willie 'Puppy' Revillame will vie for. And it seems to be not a question of whether or not he will run for public office. Convinced or not, Puppy has a big chance of winning. As I have said before, the world has changed and it will keep on changing.

Looking back in recent history, we were once appalled that then-actor ex-Pres. Joseph Estrada ran for the office. Many eyebrows raised when ex-news anchor Vice-Pres. Noli De Castro filed for candidacy. And so down the line to Senators, Representatives, and so on. We will learn to accept later on. Filipinos are both forgiving and forgetful of history.

What I want to describe will be the Philippine political atmosphere when Puppy decides which position to take. I am sure there will be no problem for campaign funds because Puppy's friends will organize the Fans of Willie to support him not only financially but also in logistics, machination, and the spin. What's a few billion pesos among friends este fans?

Puppy will not have to go island-hopping during the campaign because he is seen on the boob tube almost everyday. Among those who will sponsor his posters, billboards, and campaign gimmicks will be Fitrum. Meeting de avance will be aired in his noon time show. I hope I am wrong, but his victory party will be celebrated in ULTRA and everyone will be invited.

When he assumes public office, the Philippine dignitaries to the United Nations will consist of showgirls gyrating to the hottest dance steps and everything else becomes showbiz. Speeches in the Congress, will be delivered colloquially.

Puppy will have instant answers to the Philippines' most urgent problems. The solution to poverty will be to appear in his game show, shed a tear, accept sympathy to a wide audience, and a quick buck you have. There will be no problem in terms of health issues because, again, Fitrum, is there to provide help. It's nice to have supportive friends in the business.

As interesting events start to unfold, many are happy, some are sad, others are mad, and still some do not know what the hell is going on.

To wit: Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.~ Will Rogers.

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