Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thinking Out of the Box 17

Showbiz Politics: Why Not, Coconut?

The administration is considering Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos, a well-respected showbiz personality and public servant, for the vice-presidential race. On the other hand, if Mr. Willie Revillame, another showbiz figure, will run for the same slot or the Upper House, it will be an all-star cast. Beyond all the fun fares that the industry brings in the coming polls, what do these mean to the populace, to our future, and to the children? Surely, we should take the opportunity to learn from all that is happening around.

The political system has transcended from being a respectable entity to the now sigh-moments. At home and in abroad, Filipinos can hardly believe what is going on. The political arena had become the cul-de-sac career of people from the entertainment industry, religious, military, sports, and the entrepreneurial world not only in the Philippines but all over the globe.

While there are many political people without educational background in the discipline proved to be good in their new found career, many turned out to be big disappointments. The end result of which is the vicious cycle of poverty, discontent, and suffering of the 92-million Filipinos. Notwithstanding this fact, it is hard to pin down which should be corrected. Is it the people? The candidates? Or the system?

As I mentioned in a previous blog article, the Constitution of the Philippines requires that a leader can read and write. Simply put, regardless of the functional ability of a person to understand a written instruction, he can be the chief of the land. On the contrary, we had had many well-educated leaders who also turned out to be monsters in office. So what to do with our country?

In simpler terms, would you have your appendix removed by somebody who is not qualified to perform the surgical procedure? Would you let anybody who can read and write remove your eye cataracts? Surely not. Now, translate this into a bigger scale, that is, our country. Would you let someone without adequate and solid background run the country or your district?

To the celebrities who are being courted to run for public office, whether they have the best intentions, track records, experiences, and awards, they should be properly advised that these may suffice to become a politician but not a statesman. They should be wise enough to know who are out there who may use their popularity for someone else's advantage.

Popular personalities have big chances of winning but will it guarantee that history will be kind to you? Be on the right side of history. Be honest whether you can sustain all your promises. Gain enough background. Lay out your plans of governance. The people want change in men and in the system. And no time should be put to waste.

To the voting public, we better learn to separate the showbiz world and religious affiliation to the political world. The country's future is at stake in the coming elections. If people will continue to vote based on popularity, name-recall or familiarity, then we only have ourselves to blame. We should take pains in examining each candidate. Read about their accomplishments in public office. Read about their education, background and trade. Read about what they intend to do for the country. It may seem a difficult task, but that is what many had failed to do in the past, the reason why many are in discontent.

But remember to carefully examine your source of information. The people should read to make informed choices. Use your coconut.


  1. yes,I agree.agree,agree.But how on earth can we change the Filipinos' mindset?Voters' education? There are countless fora tackling the election issue.The political parties' choice of candidiates already shows whether they are after the victory, or for the betterment of the country.And yet,either we don't see it ,or we we will just be cheated anyway.Oh my GOd!

  2. there is no specific answer, i think, ate esmie. we have to start from child-rearing practices, the root cause. there are several cultural aspects too. to begin with, people could start to learn to read the right materials that are available from all over like dailies, libraries, internet and all.