Friday, October 02, 2009

THE ONDOY OLYMPICS: Swimming Competition

Representing: the Recto Snatching Team, este! Swimming team pala!! HAHAHA!
As i say, look at the remedies instead of the problems. Why should I be miserable if I could enjoy. Look at the bright side my friend because whining ain't helping. Hahaha!!!

Caption and video courtesy of Jet EreƱeta Panes. Thanks for sharing Jet!

From Jet:

"thank you sir... may it give motivation to others...To look at the brighter side instead of being miserable..."

"May it instill fighting spirit for our Filipino brethren...Remember,its always...Family, God and country... Walang ganiyan sa states or sa kahit na anong bansa man ^__^

Filipino willpower and spirit is always the greatest... ^__^"


  1. sali ako diyan! jeans and t-shirt ba ang attire? and the prize: antibiotics???


  2. paalam lang ako ah pwede i-post sa fb ko?

  3. thanks for your interest in the video. kindly ask permission to the original owner.