Saturday, October 03, 2009

Thinking Out of the Box 21

Storm Ketsana: Forgive and Forget?

With Typhoon Ondoy, life literally and figuratively stopped for every Filipino, at home or abroad. What happens next?

Do we forget the hundreds of lives lost and injured? The lost dreams, plans, properties, and future?

Do we forgive ourselves for destroying the planet? For throwing our trash everywhere. For allowing urbanization without due respect to nature? Shall we allow public officials to take opportunity of the situation for selfish motives?

Or should we rather remember, unlearn the usual ways, and learn the lessons?

This is another chance that Nature gave to remind us of a very important lesson. It is up to us to get the message. Otherwise, Nature will teach us again. It never fails.

It is in time of crisis that real Filipino heroes are born. No photo ops. No re-packaging and re-labeling of goods. No spin. No grandstanding.

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