Sunday, November 01, 2009

Are Ghosts for Real?

This happened sometime in 2001 when I was working in a government hospital in Occidental Mindoro, south of Manila. I experienced an unusual situation.

My colleague who was a surgeon, had a patient admitted in the Intensive Care Unit. Suffering from the complications of diabetes, this Balikbayan, or Filipino returnee, had been taking at least 20 prescription drugs everyday. To cut it short, she did not live long.

The relatives of the patient requested my colleague to issue a clinical abstract and other documents so that they could apply for insurance claims. My colleague asked me and another friend, a social worker, to help him.

After composing the abstract in the computer, I printed it and showed the social worker that the name of the patient was superimposed in the text. I am sure that the A4 was clean before printing.

Scratching our heads, we showed the abstract to my colleague. To our surprise, the superimposed name of the patient disappeared.

The social worker and I looked at each other. Scared.

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