Saturday, March 20, 2010

5 Blogging Essentials

Attending my first bloggers' meeting was a new experience. I learned many new things from a group of Christian bloggers. Many of them have not experienced using a typewriter. Well, I used it through college. Most of us met for the first time.

Blog--an online diary--is a new kind of tool to express oneself. It is also a way to heal or release the emotional pressure. It can also be used to share information. Almost anything can be written in a blog. If you have the penchant for writing, why not try to blog?

So, here are some things that I learned from them.

1. Write what you are passionate about.-It could be personal experiences, travels, politics, IT, career, and all.

2. Write with clarity and be concise.-In this age of wealth of information, people tend to scan an article first before reading.

3. Be truthful in what you write about.-A catchy title that does not reflect an article may not be fair to your readers. The title and the content should go together.

4. Learn how to use keywords.-The proper use search engine optimization (SEO) will help drive people to your blog when they Google search.

5. Writing for passion v. pro blogging.-A blogger can either express himself and/or earn from it. But truth to tell, it may not be as easy as it may seem. A blogger has to be creative and update his blog regularly. It is like creating your own niche where people will get information, be entertained, and earn their trust.

Come Sunday, 21 March 2010, I shall attend another event. This time, we shall cover LifeChurch Makati. Curious what it is all about.

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