Monday, March 08, 2010

Study in Japan

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Here is an article for those who are interested in visiting, studying and working in Japan. I agree with the author that in order to augment the labor force of Japan, qualified and deserving international students should be given more opportunities to work in Japan.

Encourage foreign students to stay

Tokyo, 21 Feb 2010

Articles and letters in recent months have suggested that Japan should welcome more foreign students so that they can help the next generation establish a different worldview. I agree with this opinion but would add that Japan should also welcome more foreign students because doing so will help ease the problems of a low birthrate in a rapidly aging society.

The birthrate in Japan has been decreasing since 1989. The prospect for social security is not good. Therefore, Japan should welcome more foreign students and let them stay after they graduate. The number of foreign students in Japan is on the rise. The government should give them a working visa so that they can work after graduation. Employment agencies should be reorganized to accommodate foreign applicants.

Working foreign graduates will support our society and relieve the burden on Japanese children and the elderly. They can do a lot more besides changing Japanese perspectives.

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