Thursday, March 25, 2010

What to Do with Useless Inventions?

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While we enjoy the genius of many people who created most of the things that we enjoy today--television, iPod, mobile phone, computer--some inventions are, well, not really useful. At most, they are amusing and I could only surmise what the inventor have in mind. Here are some of them.
10 Chindogu: The Art Of Intentionally Making A Useless Invention

The Japanese say they invented it, but maybe they were just the first to name it.  The name,Chindogu, is becoming universally known and used to describe inventions that are useless.  Well, I don't know about Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson or the prolific inventor Leonardo da Vinci, but haven't most inventors created some useless stuff?  In fact, mostly useless stuff?

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