Friday, April 23, 2010

Dr. Gino C. Matibag is Spreading the Word About JAPAN Lights and Shadows!

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First-time author Gino C. Matibag, MD, PhD, has lived in Sapporo for more than six years. He is an obstetrician-gynecologist, a researcher, and writes a newspaper medical advice column.





Dr. Gino C. Matibag is pleased to announce the release of his new book JAPAN Lights and Shadows.



JAPAN Lights and Shadows



JAPAN Lights and Shadows chronicles Dr. Gino C. Matibag’s experiences living in the Land of the Rising Sun. In heartfelt prose, he uses dry humor and candor to tell his story, from his life in the Philippines to finding his place in Japan.


More than a memoir detailing the author’s personal journey, the book gives an honest glimpse into the Japanese culture, the lives of foreign scholars at the famed Hokkaido University, the challenges of conducting research, and the drama of going at it alone in another country. The author is at times self-deprecating and humorous, providing accounts of both his triumphs and occasional gaffes in this conservative culture. The doctor juxtaposes his Filipino background to his current life, showing the contrast so vividly that we feel as if we are transported with him.


His recollections include trips outside of Japan to France, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and others. His enthusiasm shines through in these travelogues depicting the culture of some of the world’s most exciting destinations.


Above all, Dr. Matibag emphasizes his commitment to his profession and his mission as a scholar who must do what is right. Beneath the joys of being a successful expatriate, he paints a picture of the machinery running the Japanese academe, showing a side of Japan we have never seen before.







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