Thursday, July 29, 2010

Charice Pempengco: Big in Japan

This is a refreshing news to all Charice fans. She is big in Japan! This Filipino singing sensation not only wowed the US but is also conquering the hearts of many Asians. I hope that she will continue to radiate the Filipino talent all over the world. Read the article below and watch the video.
Posted on27 July 2010

Japan has an affluent and modern society with a population of about 127 million people.  Many Westerners do not realize it, but Japan boasts the world’s second-largest pop music market–right after the United States, representing almost 20% of total worldwide sales. A full priced new CD album costs between JPyen 2,500 (US$23) and 3,000 (US$28). A total of 461.9 million song downloads were sold in Japan in 2009. So if you are in the business of selling music then Japan is one of your major markets and should not be overlooked.

Sometimes people in the West are surprised when they find out that an up-and-coming artist like Charice is “big in Japan”.  Most people don’t care about this distinction but when you consider Japan is the 2nd largest market next to the USA, even “small in Japan” can mean big revenues for a record label.

Album Sales and Market Value
Men and women in their teens and twenties purchase the greatest number of records.  Japanese pop and rock music is particularly popular among them. Only 1 in every 4 CD’s sold in Japan is from a foreign artist. Trying to crack this market requires boatloads of luck, as well as making the connections and effort to market artists properly to a new audience that expects its heroes to speak its language.

Album sales Charice Tops Japan Music Charts

Charice Tops Japan Music Charts
Props to Team Charice for carefully coordinating a publicity campaign to build the appropriate “buzz” around the CD release — everything came together as they had hoped and more!  Let’s hope the momentum keeps building…
Charice Japan charts1 Charice Tops Japan Music Charts
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