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Filipino dish 'invades' Japanese TV

This is an exciting news to lovers of exotic Asian dishes in Japan. The first Filipino celebrity to appear on NHK's top cooking show will air on 12 September 2010. Ms. Janice de Belen will show the televiewers in Japan how to cook the famous Philippine adobo on 'Your Japanese Kitchen' hosted by Ms. Harumi Kurihara. This will surely excite the curiosity of many food lovers in Japan. Cheers to the Philippines and Japan for ever creating bridges between the two countries! Read more below.

MULTI-CULTURAL PRODUCTION Language and cultural differences did not pose as communication barriers in this international production. Aside from Filipinos and Japanese, also involved in the taping was an American of German descent (co-host of Harumi) and a Swedish assistant of YJK's Japanese designer/photographer.
The Philippine’s award-winning actress and SPOON host Janice de Belen is set to appear as the first Filipino celebrity chef in “Your Japanese Kitchen” (YJK), NHK’s cooking show hosted by Japan’s top culinary expert, Harumi Kurihara.

The special SPOON episode shot in Meguro-ku, Japan last August 3, 2010 will be broadcast on NET 25 and NHK World TV, the English language TV service now viewed in 120 countries and regions via cable and satellite. It will be aired on NET 25 on September 12, 2010.

Guests in “Your Japanese Kitchen” are usually foreigners living in Japan who bring interesting knowledge about a different cultural cuisine. With the SPOON production team behind her, Janice broke this trend. “Today, Janice has come directly from the Philippines to participate in “Your Japanese Kitchen”, Harumi’s co-host Daniel Kahl exclaimed.

Production flow and guide scripts were written in both English and Japanese characters. Nihongo was used as primary language in directing the show made more interesting by the presence of female camera operators whose recording were patched directly into NET 25’s full HD recorders. 

MARTHA STEWART OF JAPAN Harumi Kurihara with co-host Daniel Kahl immensely enjoy each other's company at the set of Your Japanese Kitchen. 
Prior to the shooting, the two production teams hurdled the language and cultural barriers in barely four months of preparations and even managed to squeeze in a pre-production meeting with executives from NHK World TV, NHK Educational Corporation and Vector Inc., two days before the taping.
For her part, Harumi prepared a western style dish which originated in Japan called Ebikatsu Shrimp Cutlet, basically shrimp patties that can be eaten in small bites consumed with homemade Tartar sauce.

Janice de Belen did not fail to amaze Japan’s most popular cookery author with her own version of adobo with a twist. “It was a little bit different. Nice combination. I am so happy to learn from you,” Harumi told Janice, after savoring Janice’s recipe. Interestingly, Harumi cooks adobo whose assistant in her home studio happens to be a Filipina, a fan of Janice since her Flor de Luna days.

Breaking another YJK tradition of translating “sayorana” (goodbye) in the native language of the guest, Janice de Belen introduced a Filipino word to the show that flamboyantly answered how they felt about shooting the SPOON and YJK episode – “BONGGA!”  

HOME COOK Harumi Kurihara, who won the Best Cookbook of the Year 2004 title at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, is still not comfortable being called a chef.  Known as the "charismatic housewife" in Japan, she is delighted receiving a mug and apron from SPOON.
EVERYDAY HARUMI With the NET 25 Production Team, Janice de Belen shows off Harumi Kurihara's present to SPOON - the author's third English-language cookbook that displays easy-to-prepare Japanese food for everyday occassions.

BROADCAST ON NHK WORLD TV Photo shows the cover page of the production rundown written in both English and 

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