Monday, November 29, 2010

10 Unknown heroes who revolutionized the Internet

Most people know Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckeberg (Facebook), and Steve Jobs (Apple) who had made an impact the way we use the Internet.
But there are those less known people who equally made significant changes on how we communicate and do business today.
Here are ten of them:
1. Jon Postel: Request for Comment
2. Julian Assange: WikiLeaks
3. Gary Thuerk: The first Email Spam
4. Scott Fahlman: The First Emoticon
5. Peter Thiel: Paypal
6. Pierre Morad Omidvar: EBay
7. Robert Tappan Morris: First Worm Virus
8. Garrett Camp: StumbleUpon
9. Bram Cohen: Bit Torrent
10. Michael Hart: eBooks
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