Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Glad to receive my first Allvoices incentive pay

Thanks to the Allvoices staff for giving contributors the platform to share their news, experiences and interesting reports.
The idea behind Allvoices strengthens citizen journalism and empowers ordinary people to be heard across the globe.
What is good is that incentives are given for dedicating one's time and efforts.
Today I received my first payment. Quite exciting.
Sharing and rating articles, commenting on and sharing other people's articles are rewarded. I can hone my writing skills and receive monies at the same time. What a great model! I hope other social networks do the same so every become happy.
But of course, it does not come easy. Just like any other pursuits, it takes patience and hours of dedication to build your readership. So, it is better to read, write, read, write endlessly. It's fun!
Admittedly, Allvoices is not yet perfect. There are some issues to be resolved. But I trust that in due time, they will turn out fine.
So, to the owners and staff of Allvoices, to other contributors who became my friends now, let's keep on working and sharing valuable news. Long live the Allvoices Website. Cheers!

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