Saturday, November 20, 2010

Large breasts lawsuit

The YouTube video below shows an interview of a woman from Orlando, Florida who has filed a lawsuit against her former employee, The Devereux Foundation, for gender discrimination.
Amy-Erin Blakely claims that he was fired after she complained of sexual harassment.
Blakely, who held a high managerial position with hundreds of people under her supervision, says that she began receiving humiliating comments about her breasts in 2003.
The comments worsened progressively when the management changed in 2008.
The Orlando woman alleges that supervisors repeatedly made references to her large breasts saying that they were too "distracting" in meetings and that they should be hidden in future meetings.
Blakely, however, says that she did not wear provocative attire, and that she dressed up in professional suit.
She also alleges that men only wanted to sit next to her to get a better look at her breasts.
Blakely feels embarrassed from the inflammatory comments and that no woman should be subjected to such sexist and derogatory remarks.
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