Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The perils of watching Pacquiao fights

It is not new that many accidents did happen in the past during the televised fights of the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao. After all, this is his eighth title in eight weight divisions.
Yesterday's fight with Mexican Antonio Margarito was no different.
Filipinos in the country and abroad stay glued in front of their TV sets to watch their boxing hero throw punches to his opponent.
As usual Pacquiao's fight eased up the traffic all over the country particularly in Metro Manila.
Crime rate was zero in the past but not this time when a jewelry store in Binondo, Manila was looted.
A 64-year-old pastry worker in Cagayan de Oro, southern Philippines, suffered from heart attack while watching Pacquiao fight with the Mexican boxer. He was declared dead on arrival at the hospital, a newspaper said Monday.
Radio reports said that another man in Pasay City also died of heart attack while watching the fight, while two others in separate areas in Metro Manila were brought to hospitals and eventually survived.
A fire broke in Bacolod City, central Philippines, on Sunday afternoon while residents were watching Pacquiao's fight on the fifth round. The fire accident burned 12 houses and partially damaged four other houses. No injuries were reported.
As usual, authorities said that the cause was faulty electrical wiring. Estimated damages reached PhP700,000 (US$16,020).
Probably the most dramatic of all these accidents was when Aling Dionisia, Pacquiao's mother, fainted when the boxer was announced the winner. She was reportedly to have suffered from anxiety attack. She has recovered already. It was the first time for Aling Dionisia to watch her son fight live.
Pacquiao's mom has made a name for herself. She has appeared in several TV commercials and movies, has had a record album already in duet with famous Filipino singers, and is known for her ballroom dancing skills.

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