Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Twitter acronyms

The microblogging site Twitter, which has 175 million users allows 140 characters per message. In order to convey meaningful messages, commonly used phrases are abbreviated.
Rule No. 1 in abbreviating is that it should be internationally accepted and known, and not known by you alone.
So, here is a short list of the commonly used acronyms in the Twitterverse.
@ – added before any username to send a message to that person
e.g @3rdbrain hello dear, how was the day ?
RT – stands for Retweeting/forwarding the original tweet.
e.g. RT @quotations “What’s the use of a good quotation if you can’t change it?” – Doctor Who
DM – stands for Direct Message
This written message is a private message and doesn’t appear in public timeline.
PRT – used for two ways
- as Please ReTweet, a request to forward tweet to the someone’s followers.
- as Partial ReTweet, in this original tweet is edited upto 140 character limit
Twit – Tweet - Tweeps – used usually as an alternative for one’s Twitter updates
Twitterholic – A person who is addicted to using Twitter
Twollower – comprised of the words “Twitter + follower”
It is a person who follows you
Twiends – comprised of the words “Twitter + Friends”
Used to designate friends on Twitter
Twitterverse – used to designate “Whole community of Twitter ”
Tweople/Tweeple – comprised of the words “Twitter + People” and refers to the people on Twitter
Twitterpreneur – Any entrepreneur on Twitter or anyone creating/thinking for Twitter-based startup.
Twistory – it refers to any history of Twitter
b/c – because
FTW – For the Win
FTL – For the Loss (usually used as opposite to FTW)
FAVRD – used for casting a vote on textism
FAIL – used about something when a service is not working.
PWN – an alternative to the word “own”
OH – stands for Overhead
NSFW – stands for Not Safe For Work
Twitcrush= Declaring a crush on someone on Twitter
LMAO – stands for Laughing My Ass Off
IMHAO – In My Humble Opinion
WTH – What the Hell
BTW – By the way
IRL – In Real Life
FTF – Face to Face
YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary
BR – Best Regard
ASAP – As Soon As Possible
JV – Joint Venture
LMK – Let Me Know
J/K – Just Kiddin
FB Facebook
<3 – used a text version of Heart
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