Tuesday, November 30, 2010

US embassy in Manila has 1,796 WikiLeaks exposés

Of the 251,000 WikiLeaks documents released on Sunday, 1,796 diplomatic cables were from the United States embassy in Manila, according to UK's The Guardian.
The cables spanned a period between January 2005 to February 2010. The remaining two leaked cables were dated 19 July 1994 and 21 November 2001.
These cables included "orders sent out from the US State Department, embassy reports about local governments and details of US government activities in the country."
The cables were classified as follows: 982 unclassified, 749 classified, and 65 secret cables.
The whistleblower Website, headed by Julian Assange, covers every major issue as governments braced for damaging revelations.
Among all its 274 outposts, the US embassy in Manila ranked 44th that have the highest number of leaked cables.
With this development, the Filipino public will have a better idea how the past administration related with the US government.
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