Sunday, November 21, 2010

Various versions of Cinderella, really?

Oh yes, your favorite fairy tale girl is known by many names in different parts of the world...and in various versions, too.
The Chinese calls the party gate-crasher Yeh-hsien. The Italians know her as Zezolla. The girl with glass shoes is popular in Scotland as Rashin Coatie.
In China's story, Yeh-hsien has no magical fairy godmother. She receives her fabulous gowns by praying to the bones of her dead pet fish.
In the Italian version, poor orphan Zezolla gets her clothes from a magic tree. She actually kills her stepmom. Ouch!
In Scotland, Rashin Coatie kills her evil sister with an axe to rescue her pet cow, which then showers her with great-looking clothes. Ouch again!
Click here for the Scottish version of Rashin Coatie.

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