Friday, December 03, 2010

Filipino maid wins case vs European princess

A Filipino domestic worker in London won a legal battle against a princess in Europe, according to ABS-CBN's Europe News Bureau.
Susan Danio, is one of 3 Filipino maids who were illegally dismissed by employer Marie Chantal in April of this year due to alleged "rude behavior" and theft.
Chantal is daughter of a US duty-free billionaire, and married to Greece's Prince Pavlos.
Believing that she is innocent, Danio filed a case to employment tribunal even though she had no lawyer, but admitted she has received legal advices from undisclosed sources.
Danio won the case and was rewarded with £7,500 (PhP514,000 or US$11,700).
The Filipino maid holds no hurt feelings towards her previous employer whom she thinks only listened to the senior staff who were envious.
Danio said, "This is for her also...So that she won't easily listen to the people who surround her."
The Filipina said that the very kind Princess Marie admitted the unfair dismissal through her lawyer.
The princess owns fashion boutiques in London, New York and Paris.
Danio adds, "I cannot say anything against her because she has never treated me badly."
Danio's co-worker, Celeste Dedala, hopes to receive the same reward for her illegal dismissal case.
Watch the video here.

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