Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Filipino nurse in UK charged for raping minors

This is a sad news for Filipinos who are working in the the UK, where 7,000 nurses fly each year to study and work at the same time.
The UK press reported a Filipino nurse who was convicted for having sex with an adult patient and two minors in Oxford.
British citizen Oliver Balicao, was convicted for a total of nine years for sexually assaulting a 22-year-old student in 2002 and for the rape of a 17-year-old patient in 2004.
This is on top of his previous sentence in 2008 of 16 months jail term for having consensual sex with a 16-year-old patient at the John Radcliffe Hospital in March 2007, where the 37-year-old Balicao worked.
Balicao, a resident of Bicester in Oxfordshire, was accused of raping the teenage girl, who at the time was a patient for paracetamol overdose. She was led to the hospitals' lavatory to take her urine sample where Balicao took advantage of her, which he denied. He was given 16 months in jail.
Oxford Mail reported that Balicao, a father of two, was also charged for the indecent assault on a 22-year-old student who was under treatment for hemothorax (blood clots in the lungs) in the same hospital. The nurse allegedly touched her arms and forced a kiss on her mouth on December 2002.
BBC said that a 17-year-old girl claimed she was raped by Balicao in a side room of the hospital on October 2004.
Balicao has been removed from the UK nurse registry and will not be able to work as a nurse. Likewise, he is banned with working with minors.
The court said that it is unacceptable for a nurse in a position of trust to abuse that trust and take advantage of a person's vulnerability.
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