Monday, December 06, 2010

Filipino students top math contest in India

The Philippine youth team topped 12 nations in a math competition in India on Friday that was participated by 194 junior high school students.
The Filipino math wizards bagged 19 medals in the 2010 International Young Mathematicians' Convention held in Lucknow, India.
Host country India came in second while South Korea placed third.
Five golds, eight silvers, and six bronze medals were won by the Filipino math aces in the tournament.
The Filipino gold medal winners were:
1. Kate Andrea Bonamy
2. Mario Juvenal Onglao III
3. Fiona Margarita Aytona
4. Brian James Masalunga
5. Emmanuel Jerome Tagaro
Bonamy and Onglao were among the six students who got perfect scores together with three youths from South Korea and one student from Indonesia.
The Filipino silver medalists were:
1. Samuel Chiu
2. Antonie Kyna Lim
3. Kennichi Tan
4. John Cedric Laohoo
5. Shaun Wesley
6. Kirven Molas
7. Olsen John Ong
8. Jarvin Enosh Tan
The six Filipino bronze medal winners were:
1. Antonie Kyla Lim
2. Ann Michelle Siao
3. Benhur Angelo Perez
4. Timothy Carlo Racho
5. Krystel Mae Rivera
6. John Robert Yap
India landed on second place with four gold, 20 silver and 32 bronze medals.
Third placer South Korea bagged three golds.
Indonesia and Thailand won two gold medals each.
The other countries that participated in the math contest were: Bhutan, England, Iran, Nepal, Nigeria, Qatar, and South Africa.
In November 2009, the Philippine team placed second to Indonesia in a seven-nation math competition that was also held in Lucknow. Thailand placed third followed by Bulgaria and India.

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