Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Honest immigration officer returns $10K, promoted

Here is an inspiring news.
An immigration officer at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport was promoted to supervisor for his honesty and deep sense of professionalism.
Amando Amisola returned a brown envelope containing travel documents and $10,000 to a Canada-bound Filipino passenger on 27 November.
In a radio interview on Monday, Amisola admitted he was tempted to keep the money. His mother has stage 4 ovarian cancer who was rushed to the hospital that morning. He thought that his judgment was being tested. Because it was not his money, he decided to return it.
The 37-year-old immigration officer started working at the bureau in 2008. He received a commendation from his superiors in simple rites at the main office in Manila.
The envelope belongs to Patricio Francisco who, together with his family, was headed for Canada to start a new life.
Amisola recounted Francisco's joy when the money was returned to him.

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