Sunday, December 26, 2010

The merriest record-breaking crowd in Bethlehem

Israel Tens of thousands flocked to the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem on Saturday to celebrate Christmas Day.
Over 100,000 pilgrims went to the Church where the tradition holds Jesus Christ was born, said Israeli military officials.
This is twice of last year's 50,000 who visited the place on Christmas Eve.
The unidentified officials said that this is the merriest Christmas in Bethlehem in years. This year's census of visitors is the highest in 10 years.
Iraq In Baghdad, facing repeated violence by militants wanting to drive them away, hundreds of Iraqi Christians gathered in a gloomy holiday celebration at the church that was attacked by Islam extremists in October.
In that attack, more than 120 people were held hostage in a standoff that left 68 dead. According to the UN, about 1,000 families fled to northern Iraq after the seige.
Philippines It was a violent Christmas Day in southern Philippines when a bomb explosion occurred in a police chapel in Jolo town in Jolo Island. There were a hundred people attending the Mass when the bomb blasted that wounded a priest and five churchgoers. It was found that the crude bomb was placed in the ceiling of the chapel. Although no groups have yet claimed responsibility for the bombing, the place is known to have strong ties with al-Qaida.

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