Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New book says Mafia killed Gianni Versace

The fateful event on 15 July 1997 made headlines around the world when Gianni Versace, then 50, was shot by gay prostitute Andrew Cunanan at the back of his head.
In a remarkable new twist, the Italian superstar fashion designer was said to have been killed by the Mafia as claimed in a new book Metastasi published on 2 December.
According to the book authored by the respected investigative journalist, Gianluigi Nuzzi, the designer to the stars was a victim of a Mafia contract killing, with the popular designer being involved in money laundering, drugs, and loan sharks.
Due to unpaid Mafia drug debts, Versace was murdered by a hit man outside his Miami home.
Cunanan--who later committed suicide--was framed for the murder. The gay fashion designer was killed by the Mafia, according to two independent confessions of high-ranking mob hit men, Giuseppe Di Bella and Filippo Barecca.
Di Bella and Barecca also confirmed that the dead turtle dove found beside Versace's body was a calling card from enemies.
The new disclosures angered the surviving kins of Versace, Santo and Donatella, who now run the fashion empire.
These revelations will surely arouse public curiosity and legal battles are not far behind.
According to detective Frank Monte, who used to work for Versace, by the time of his death, the fashion designer was thinking of going public about the Mafia pressure on him--a guaranteed death warrant from the mob.
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