Friday, December 17, 2010

Penniless Julian Assange to face London court today

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange will face a London court today. Since Assange's arrest last week, his legal obligations are piling up.
UK's The Guardian said that Assange is penniless since all of his bank accounts were frozen.
The Australian whistle-blower's legal obligations have reached €900,000 (£770,000 or US$1.2 million) since October this year.
It was reported that his legal team is raising funds to pay for his bills including his extradition hearing in February.
Jennifer Robinson, Assange's solicitor, said that the Australian national has no cash. He has a huge amount of supporters who are willing to donate money but have nowhere to pay it.
Major financial companies such as Visa, MasterCard and Paypal had turned away from Assange. They had stopped the flow of cash for Assange last week alleging the illegal activities of the whistle-blower. It turned out that their decision was a response to US pressure, which led to massive online outrage by hacktivists.
The Guardian said that it is still possible to send donations to WikiLeaks. Money can be sent to Wau Holland Foundation in Germany. It is a charitable trust based in Berlin and was established by a group of the now respectable German ex-hackers.
In the mean time, Assange's legal team is raising £240,000 (US$374,000) from his friends and supporters. They are:
2. Ken Loach
4. Vaughan Smith
5. Sarah Saunders
6. US film director Michael Moore.

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