Monday, December 27, 2010

RH Bill clash at Christmas

The clash continues even at Christmastime between those who favor and those who are against the Philippines' Reproductive Health (RH) Bill.
The president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), Nereo Odchimar equated the Bill to "extra-judicial killings, insurgency and terrorism."
Odchimar said in his Christmas message, "The threat of war, political unrest, and armed conflicts put nations in constant fear…And the most glaring among others is that unpeace in the mother's womb."
He further stated that with the approval of RH Bill, a woman's womb can be a risk to the unborn.
In return, advocates countered the CBCP's likening of the RH Bill to terrorism.
House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman said that it is the height of antedeluvian hyperbole for the leadership of the church to connect the RH advocacy to terrorism.
Lagman also noted that the church is "so engulfed in terrorism" that any development that does not follow its dogma is "conveniently labeled terroristic."
The lawmaker stressed that if pregnancy were avoided, no life were developed in the womb and therefore is no such thing as "threat to the life of the unborn."
Lagman further said, "The RH bill is far from being 'terroristic' since it is pro-quality of life. It saves lives by greatly reducing the incidence of abortions and decreases maternal and infant mortality even as it welcomes the wanted and properly-timed birth of children."
The Malacanang dismissed CBCP's statements and believes that the choice should be given to informed parents.

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