Thursday, December 23, 2010

S. Korea starts another artillery drill Thursday

Following Monday's drills, the South Korean army announced that it will hold the largest air and land military exercises tomorrow Thursday in Pocheon, an area adjacent to North Korea.
The artillery drills will go as scheduled in 2009 despite the tension between the two countries especially after the November shelling of Seoul by Pyongyang that killed two marines and two civilians.
According to a media officer of the South Korean army, the exercise will include over 800 army personnel and will start at 14:00 in Pocheon, about 24 kilometers (15 miles) away from North Korea.
The show of force will involve six fighter jets, anti-tank missiles, and more than 100 types of weapons.
In addition, South Korea's navy begun its regular four-day drills in the East Sea on Wednesday.
Last Monday, South Korea conducted live-fire exercises in Yeonpyeong Island where North Korea surprisingly did not respond to.
Despite the tension in the peninsula and warnings from China and Russia, the government of South Korea has never considered cancelling the exercises.
According to the South Korean president's office, the drills are held frequently and are part of their life. Cancellation of the drills could be interpreted as bending to North Korea.

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