Tuesday, December 28, 2010

These guys kidnapped themselves

How would you like to kidnap yourself? Sounds strange? Not for these three young men.
India Wanting to fulfill the dream his fiancée of spending the New Year's Eve in an expensive resort in Macau, a high-spending 20-year-old Indian man demanded a US$40,000-ransom money from his family last year.
The man who already accumulated an US$18,000 debt, connived with a friend to fake his abduction. He was able to persuade his unsuspecting businessman father to pay for the ransom. Upon his pick-up of the money at a shopping mall in New Delhi, his family and police were surprised that the young man masterminded his own crime. The father was understandably very angry but was undecided whether to file charges to his son.
Nigeria In what was perhaps an arranged marriage, a 29-year-old man conspired to kidnap himself in his desire to flee away from his wedding in March this year.
He discovered that the girl he will marry committed abortion three times in the past. A few days before the wedding, he went in to hiding in a hotel and raised a false alarm of his abduction. He was later found by the police in the ceiling of a hotel. After combing the area and no kidnappers were found, the man explained the motives of his action.
China A young man was charged by the police for staging his own fake kidnapping.
His two friends who pretended to be his abductors successfully extorted US$1,400 from his parents. The amateur kidnappers were caught when withdrawing cash from an ATM. The young man admitted that he did the crime because his parents "had refused to buy him a Nintendo computer."

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