Friday, December 31, 2010

Venezuelan envoy's visa cancelled by US

The visa of Venezuela's ambassador to Washington was cancelled by the US as a reciprocal reaction when Caracas denied an American nominee his visa, Aljazeera reported.
This was confirmed by US State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, on Wednesday. The visa of Amb. Bernardo Alvarez Herrera has been revoked.
According to Toner, "We have taken appropriate, proportional and reciprocal action".
Earlier, the US government said there would be consequences when the Venezuelan government rescinded agreement concerning Amb. Larry Palmer.
On Tuesday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speaking before national television had dared to cut off diplomatic ties with the US.
Chavez said, "If the [US] government wants to expel our ambassador there, let them! If they cut off diplomatic relations, let them."
In August, the Venezuelan president said that he would not accept Palmer as the next US ambassador to Caracas because of Palmer's comments during his confirmation hearing in the senate.
It was reported that Palmer believed Venezuela was cuddling the leftist FARC fighters and that the Venezuelan military was under the influence of Cuban government and suffering from low morale.
The relations between the two countries--Venezuela and the US--has not been good since Chavez assumed office in 1999.
Both countries withdrew their envoys from September 2008 until June 2009 after a dispute over US bases in Colombia.
The US buys roughly 1 million barrels of oil from Venezuela on a daily basis despite their political differences.

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