Thursday, December 02, 2010

The world's largest omelette is in Turkey

A team of 65 chefs in the Turkish capital, Ankara, joined hands on 8 October 2010 hands to cook the world's largest omelette.
The gigantic breakfast food weighed 3,620 kilograms (9,700 pounds) and was prepared in a 10-meter (32-foot) fryer.
Requiring 432 liters (114 gallons) of cooking oil, the enormous dish took 2.5 hours to cook and only 110,010 eggs.
The World Egg Day was created to help raise awareness of the benefits of eggs.
In fact, it is celebrated around the globe every second Friday of October each year, as established by the International Egg Commission in Vienna on 1996.
Savor the sight of the largest omelette in the world. Watch the attached YouTube video. Burp!


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