Monday, January 17, 2011

Assange sued by Bin Laden-suing man for $150,000

In a rather funny way that will spice up WikiLeaks' legal saga, founder Julian Assange is sued for $150,000 by a man who previously sued Osama Bin Laden.
Filed on 6 January to the US Court in Miami by a Key West trailer park resident, David Pitchford made the complaint against the popular secret-spilling site and its editor for claims as he is now in a "constant state of fear over the possibility of 'nucliar war' [sic] because of Assange's actions."
According to the file copy of the complaint, "the defendant Julian Assange is a Natural Citezen of Australia currently residing in Great Britain by no choice of his own yet, resides no where and operates everyplace including the United States of America."
Pitchford further stated his sufferings taken word for word:
  • A worsening of Plaintiffs hyper tention;
  • A worsening of Plaintiffs depression;
  • A worsening of Plaintiff's Stress;
  • Living under the constant fear of being stricken by another heart attack and or stroke as a result of the foregoing;
  • In fear of being on the brink of Nucliar WAR
An interesting telephone conversation with the plaintiff by a blogger known as Superkuh happened on 9 January.

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