Monday, January 03, 2011

China-Russia Mars exploration takes off in October

Aiming to be at par with the United States and Russia in space exploration programme, the burgeoning China has already conquered the moon and Mars is its next target.
Xinhua news agency reported that China and Russia will launch an exploration to Mars in October this year.
The joint space exploration is China's first probe to the Red Planet after two years' postponement.
A scientist at the China Academy of Space Technology said that Beijing plans to explore Mars as an independent country in 2013.
Earlier, it was reported that a Chinese probe will focus on the space environment of the planet with emphasis to the water that appears to have been once ample in its surface.
Chang'e 2 is currently orbiting the moon. The orbiter is conducting several tests in preparation for the launch of the Chang'e 3 probe that will be Beijing's first unmanned landing to the moon.
After Russia and the United States, China became the third country to send a man in space when Shengzhou-5 carried Yang Liwei on a space mission in 2003.

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