Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lack of help angers Brazilian survivors

Frustration grew among mudslides survivors due to Brazilian government's inadequate rescue efforts after heavy torrential rains killed over 500 people in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, The Washington Post said.
Begging for aid from officials late Friday, several people remain stranded on far-flung areas looking for the remains of their relatives.
Residents of the heavily damaged communities took it upon themselves to help out a living and search for their dead loved ones.
Construction worker Sergio Joaquin de Jesus said, "The ones I've seen go up there and really make the effort are all people from here," after he donated blood and dug out for bodies on Saturday morning. His brother- and sister-in-law are still missing.
"Imagine, human beings up there, with no food, no water, nowhere to sleep, in this weather. They're living like dogs," he said. "Where is the government? What are they still waiting for?"
The incessant rains and low rain clouds prevented the arrival of helicopters. The military will try out again on Saturday.
On Friday, the military said that 500 personnel will be deployed to assist the 800 rescuers from fire departments and will send 11 helicopters.
Ambulances, generators and heavy digging machineries were pledged by the army and naval forces.
A man by the name of Fernando Perfista unearthed his eldest son who was buried in the mud. He then placed the remains of the 12-year-old boy in a refrigerator to keep away from hungry dogs while he continued his search.
Perfista improvised a coffin from scrap woods and buried his son after failing to find his other children.
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