Sunday, January 23, 2011

LED smiles: A new fashion craze in Japan

The Japanese youth have their own peculiar taste in fashion. They popularized many of the world famous pop culture such as anime, online games, mangas, and mobile phones, to name a few.
The attached YouTube video shows a new fashion craze that is becoming popular among the teens--the LED smile!
What is that?
These are new fashion accessories for your teeth that glow in the dark.
These "fronts" emit luminous multicolored LED lights that can be easily attached to your teeth and change to varying colors while you smile.
According to a report by the The New York Times, the colors can be controlled remotely by a computer interface.
The latest fashion craze was conceived as an experiment by two Japanese designers--Motoi Ishibashi and Daito Manabe. The accessories are now being used as an advertising gimmick by Laforet Harajuku for its winter clothes sale.
Workshops in Japan are being offered by Mr. Ishibashi and Mr. Manabe to show people how they can create their own LED smiles.
So, let's see these Japanese schoolgirls "partying their mouth" as they wander along the streets flashing that luminous grin. I want to have one. Enjoy!
More details of this report on this link.

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