Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Only 12 years old and already a publisher

A 12-year-old boy from Allahabad in India is not an ordinary person. At his young age, Utkarsh Tripathi is already a publisher of a weekly four-page newspaper in his community.
This class eight student from Brij Bihari Sahai Inter College is also the reporter, editor, and publisher of the newspaper he named Jagriti, which means to wake up or to rise up.
According to Gulfnews.com, his passion for writing began over a year ago. At a tender age, Utkarsh asked his father how he can be of help to the community. His father suggested being a member of the military may be the best way.
But the boy wanted to serve at an early age right from school. Noticing his son's passion for writing, he suggested journalism. After reading an article about China and India relations, his son took the suggestion seriously.
Utkarsh started to collect stories on issues such as the environment, female fetocide (killing of baby girls before birth), success stories of scientists, politicians, and other famous people.
The young publisher collects stories that he thinks may interest and educate his 150 readers across all ages in his community.
What is more admirable with this young "journalist" is that he does not charge for his newspaper, and spends not a single penny for publication.
How does he do that?
"I know, you would like to know how I publish the newspaper," he says.
"First I prepare a handwritten copy of Jagriti and later take out copies at a photocopy shop in my locality... It's simple," Utkarsh said.
How's that for an early career? What drives this Indian boy to devote himself to publishing?
Utkarsh has this to say, "I believe if anyone is passionate about something, he or she can take out some time to purse his passion, irrespective of the hectic schedule."
Everyday he spends some time on researching topics and gathering public utility information from magazines, newspapers and the Internet.
On Sundays, he makes pictorial representations that will go with the articles.
This dedicated Indian boy's efforts are very much appreciated by his readers.
"He has shown all of us that an ordinary person can contribute to the society in one way or other...You just need to have an urge for that," Kashi Kesarwani, a reader said.
Author's note: This Indian boy is admirable. May he be an inspiration to all of us in Allvoices.

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