Friday, January 21, 2011

Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution continues, Ben Ali's kins arrested

Reuters said on Wednesday that the interim Tunisian government was under pressure by the continued street protests in the capital city as people demanded for a complete change of the government free from the old administration.
The attached YouTube video shows the protesters who, although lesser in number compared to last week, demanded that ousted President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali be brought from Saudi Arabia back to Tunisia to face corruption and abuse charges. The people also demanded that all the wealth of the former ruler bought be brought back to the country.
Freeing the last political prisoner, Tunisia's temporary government promised a "complete break with the past."
A popular dissident declared that he will run for president to rid the previous administration from power.
At least 33 family members of Ben Ali had been arrested for crimes committed against the country, the state media reported. The kins were said to have seized gold and jewelry. The clan's Swiss accounts were frozen.
The people also insisted for the removal of all officials of the previous government and that would satisfy the hopes of the so-called "Jasmine Revolution".
Head teacher and unionist Lazhar Gharbi told Reuters that allies of the former leader are still in the once-mighty RDC party.
He added, "We want the dissolution of this party. This is the solution, and we want to hold its members responsible for their corruption."

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