Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Israel-US Arrow 2 defense system successfully tested

While the world is busy with the Arabian protests and natural disasters going on around the world, Israel and its key ally, the United States, have successfully tested on Tuesday the Arrow anti-missile system that was designed to protect the former against potential threats from Iran's arsenal, in a report by the Jerusalem Post.
The Arrow was able to detect and track the test ballistic missile target and then send the information to the management control system. The system "launched an interceptor missile which performed its planned trajectory and destroyed the target missile."
The testing--which was the eighteenth testing of the Arrow--was conducted over the Pacific Ocean at 22:30 PST from a US Naval base in California.
The successful missile testing was applauded by defense officials as a sign of advanced defense capabilities of Israel against Iran that is still in the stage of developing its nuclear capacity.
The costly joint Israel-US project was started over 20 years ago during the administration of the late Pres. Ronald Reagan and was designed to counter missile strikes primarily against Iran.
Half-funded by the US taxpayers, the Arrow 2 defense system was launched in 1988 for the then-Star Wars program and was strengthened after Iraq hit Israel with 39 scud missiles in the 1991 Gulf War.
Details of this story here.

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