Monday, February 14, 2011

Libya focuses on youth to prevent revolution

Fearing that the Arab revolution will reach Libyan soil, the government has taken drastic steps to lure the people to economically improve their lives. The focus? The young people who were material to the ouster of Tunisia's Ben Ali and Egypt's Mubarak.
According to, the state will create more income-generating activities such as employment opportunities and provision of lands for housing with access to credit facilities. The idea being the youth are the country's future, therefore, they should be involved in productive activities and provided jobs.
Afrik News reported that there is talk about an upheaval against Col Muammar Gaddafi--the longest-serving African and Arab leader--wanting to end his absolute and authoritarian control of Libya.
Last Monday, 150,000 laptops were given to members of the National Committee for Libyan Youth Volunteerism.
Media control under the government is ruthlessly strict in the country. It forbids political group activities who oppose the autocratic Gaddafi.
According to Human Rights Watch, under his 39 years regime, Gaddafi has sent hundreds of people to jail for violating the law and some were given death sentence. There were also reports of disappearances and torture.
Amnesty International said that a Libyan political commentator and writer Jamal al-Hajji, calling for peaceful protests has been arrested.
A country with an estimated six million inhabitants, the young people represent more than half of Libya's population.
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