Sunday, February 20, 2011

Myanmar's democracy icon wants to join Facebook, Twitter

In a phone interview with Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper published Saturday, the 1991 Nobel Peace laureate and Myanmar's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi expressed her interest to join the online global community after being inspired by the anti-regime protests in Tunisia and Egypt, in a report by AFP.
The 65-year-old opposition leader who was held under house arrest for 20 years under Myanmar's military junta wants to join other Internet pro-democracy activists in Facebook and Twitter--the online communities that held important roles for overthrowing at least two dictators in the past few weeks.
After having her first Internet connection for a prohibitive cost of over $1,000 at her home in the capital Yangon, Suu Kyi said the connection was too slow to be able to access networking sites.
"I think we need to--what do you call it--raise the megabyte?" the Burmese politician said during the interview.
"So we've applied for a stronger link-up. As soon as the conditions are right, I want to have both Facebook and Twitter."
The multi-awarded democracy icon who was released in November last year, praised the Egyptian army for their role during the 18-day revolution.
"What everybody noticed is the Egyptian army did not fire on the people, which is the greatest difference and the most critical difference" between conditions in Egypt and those in Myanmar."
"Because the Burmese army does shoot down the people, it's not very likely that people will want to go onto the streets" now to press for the junta's ouster."
"But on the other hand, one cannot say that the Burmese army is always going to shoot at the people," she said.
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