Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sex files of WikiLeaks' Assange leaked

Over a hundred pages of police documents containing transcripts of interview, photos and other evidence about the sex allegations of two Swedish women against WikiLeaks' big wig Julian Assange were leaked on the Internet this week, according to a report by Mail Online.
In a leaked file, one of the two Swedish women said she woke up while the 39-year-old controversial journalist was having sex with her at her apartment on Enköping on 16 August. She allowed Assange to go on with the knowledge that he was not wearing a protection.
The document went further to state the Swedish woman insisted he get a condom, which he reluctantly agreed on.
The morning-after, the woman asked Assange, "Are you wearing anything? You better don't have HIV." He replied, "Of course not."
In Sweden, having sex with a sleeping person can be considered as rape.
In another sex case, Le Monde's Person of the Year awardee Assange was accused of deliberately damaging a condom with a second Swedish woman with whom he had sex with in the same week, according to the leaked document.
The WikiLeaks' boss met the two women during the seminar on free speech he gave in Sweden capital when he became an instant hit after his exposé of the US military documents on the Afghanistan war.
Scheduled to appear before a London court early next week, the Australian editor-in-chief denies the accusations in both cases.
Author's note: It's not a question of whether the prolific whistle-blower was guilty or not, or whether he will eventually end up in US prisons, or who leaked the sex files. The most pressing question is: Who does his hair?

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