Saturday, February 12, 2011

Unfulfilled instant gratification in Tunisia may lead to anarchy

Tunisian oppositionist Moncef Marzouki warned that anarchy may ensue in the small North African country and may lead to calls for the return of deposed President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali if the people’s clamor for instant rights were not gratified.
In an interview by the Associated Press, human rights activist Marzouki said the situation could benefit Ben Ali's cronies who are still lingering in the government.
A day before he returned to Tunisia, the 65-year-old Marzouki who spent the last five years in exile in France, said during the interview, "The biggest threat is probably chaos. You have a lot of people from the old regime, mainly politicians and what remains of the secret police, and all these people are fearing the future."
Seeking instant gratification may lead to disappointment when it is not realized warned the activist who was jailed for four months in 1994 when he ran for president against the ousted Ben Ali.
In that election, Ben Ali allegedly "won" 99.9 percent of the votes.
Following the exile of the dictator, Marzouki expressed his desire to return and run for president that will take place after six months.
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