Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Will the Huffington deal create a domino effect?

After AOL's $315 million purchase of the Huffington Post, what's next?
According to the research and consulting firm Borrell Associates, Internet advertising is projected to surge 14 percent for 2011, to $51.9 billion, said The New York Times.
A huge demand for content providers like the Huffington Post is seen as more money flows through online advertising.
As the attached YouTube video shows, more people are turning to social media for almost everything be it news, living, movies, and all. The audience want to be heard. They post stories and share them via Facebook and Twitter.
AOL's Tim Armstrong believes that the ad market place for the Internet will see a tremendous growth for the next couple of decades. That is how they make a lot of money.
comScore says that one of the most frequently visited sites, Glam Media, which specializes in women's beauty and fashion needs, commands 87.8 million visitors a month.
Meanwhile, Gawker Media with its techie blog called Gizmondo has an estimated 19 milion visitors each month. Business Insider attracts 3.5 million every month.
What about Allvoices?
PR Newswire said that based on traffic, the almost four-year-old Allvoices has become one of the top 25 news sources around the world with over 11.6 million unique visitors in January. Its 1,800 stories each day easily exceeds Huffington Post's 600 and NYT's 550 daily stories.
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