Wednesday, March 16, 2011

4 Filipinos escaped Fukushima, wants to return to Philippines

With the radiation scare, four Filipinos—a mother, her two daughters and a woman—escaped from Fukushima and went to Tokyo today.
The Japanese government advised Fukushima residents to stay in their homes after explosions occurred in its nuclear power plant, in a report from dzMM.
The four travelled to the capital city using a private vehicle and when their gasoline was depleted, hitched in the cars of other Filipinos going to Tokyo, the report said.
The Philippine nationals wanted to return to their home country and plan to go back to the disaster-struck Japan when things have settled down.
A Filipino said that there they had a hard time buying essential commodities like water, rice and milk. Rotating power outage has been enforced in the country.
Ambassador to Japan Manuel Lopez told the media that consular services will be provided by the Philippine government but the air fare will have to be borne by those who want to return home.
The envoy also want the relatives of embassy to be sent back to Manila.
The normally-dense Tokyo now had noticeably fewer people on the streets.
Fukushima is more than 200 kilometers away from Tokyo.

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