Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An appeal to authorities for Filipinos in Japan seeking help

Note: I received a private mail from a Filipino friend in Sapporo, Japan who forwarded to me an appeal from Filipinos in Sendai and Fukushima cities. Apparently, the message states that the Philippine nationals in the calamity-hit areas in the northern parts of the mainland Honshu Island are yet to receive support from the Embassy in Tokyo, which is in sharp contrast with what the mainstream media is reporting. I hope that this message will reach the concerned authorities.
The original message came from Lea Apostol on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 10:30am
"We are so helpless here! We feel that we are being neglected by the embassy. They've been here in Sendai for 3 days and nothing has been said and done with the plight of Sendai/Fukushima people... What they've been airing on screen in the Philippines, just the opposite!!! They said that they are doing their best to save and evacuate all peeps to Tokyo but 3 days had passed with no concrete plan for us... What we are concerned now is the radiation threat.
"In short, WE NEED TO GET OUT OF scarcity also, no relief goods coming from our embassy...
"So ngayon po, baka labas kami sendai papuntang niigata or yamagata then mag osaka or tokyo po kami, kami na lang, sariling sikap... [So now, we might leave Sendai going to Niigata or Yamagata and then we might proceed to Osaka or Tokyo. It's only us fending for ourselves...] WE CAN NO LONGER COUNT ON THE EMBASSY PEOPLE. Please help us disseminate this plight to concerned agencies..."
Another note: This is my 1,000th story in Allvoices. I would be more than happy if this appeal were attended to.

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